Alberto Daniel Gonzales Persuasive Speech

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Doctors say that laughter is the best medicine and they may actually be right. Laughing at things like standup comedy routines can actually be a great form of stress relief. Alberto Daniel Gonzalez has taken this form of stress relief to the next level. Many of you may know him from the comedy stampede earlier in the fall semester. This comedic novice is taking the University of South Florida by storm, with his routines making fun of college life, family and society. Many of us have found memories of growing up and spending time with our families although this USF student has gone above and beyond with his memories. Junior, Biomedical Sciences and Psychology major has performed multiple times for the students at USF, pulling from his experiences…show more content…
This was his first performance. Gonzalez did a 10 minute set talking about family, and his pets. He chose these two topics because he knew them well enough to start his comedic career off of. He finished his first set that evening with the confidence to continue on. “Everyone said I did great.” Said Gonzalez “So I haven’t stopped since.” Gonzalez practices his routines once a day and tries to participate in as many events as he can. He uses these smaller shows like open mic nights to test out his newer routines to see how people react to them. He also uses his friends to test out these jokes. In some rare cases Gonzalez also admits to trying out his new jokes during his larger audience shows. Everyone gets nervous, even Gonzalez. He admits even he still gets nervous before a show. “I allow myself to get a little nervous.” Said Gonzalez “It pushes me when I am on stage, the nervous energy keeps me moving

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