Albino Research Paper

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The name of our country is Albino. You have probably never heard of it because it 's not recognized by the United Nations. Albino is located in Europe and e are a french speaking country. It 's right next to Spain and Germany. Our country consist of many different ethnic groups. We welcome everyone who enters our country with a warm smile. Our country is clean and it can be useful with all the resources we have. There are many reasons why Albino should be a member of the United Nations. Our country 's biggest industry is tourism. Tourist from all over the world come to Albino just to witness some of our most amazing sites. Albino consists of many waterfalls, rainforests and beaches. Tourism earns us a lot of money which we use to help…show more content…
We celebrate of every good thing that has ever happened to us. Almost everyday has it 's own holiday. We are a happy nation that doesn 't cause any problems. There was never been a civil war in Albino. We currently have no internal or external conflicts. All of our neighboring countries love us and visit us all the time. We try to agree with all other countries during trade because we don 't want any problems. We are trading partners with any countries because of all the natural resources we own. One of the most important dates in the history of Albino is our independence. Albino put up a good argument when we got our independence in 1738. Before our independence the people were sad and mostly poor. Our economy was horrible and we never gained from all the work we did. Most people couldn 't afford to pay for their houses and evenly lost them. It wasn 't until 1738 when from gained independence from the Russians, that the economy started to raise. The bounder in Albino were created by all the different ethnic groups from the pst. We never changed them because we thought of it as the perfect arrangements. We respected all the work that our ancestors put into the creating of the state borders. Eventually all the ethnic groups combined and mixed up. They were no longer separated in different parts of
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