Albury Wodonga Persuasive Speech

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Albury Wodonga are twin towns located on either side of the Victoria – New South Wales border. Situated in the shores of the Murray River-the longest river in Australia-the area is very popular among tourists because of its eclectic range of attractions that appeal to travellers of all ages and interests. While water sports and recreational fishing are among the top activities in Albury, the town can actually surprise you with its array of sightseeing delights and historic landmarks. So if you haven’t finalized your road trip itinerary to Albury yet, we are more than willing to help you explore this beautiful town in your Apollo Motorhome. So how do you start exploring Albury in a motorhome rental? Well, a self-drive holiday to the region…show more content…
Designed in 1923 by architect Louis Harrison, the memorial was completed a year later in 1924. Apart from its rich history, Memorial Hill also has something to offer nature lovers. Take the time to appreciate the wildlife and plants surrounding the area by strolling down the hill’s walking…show more content…
Located 16 kilometres from the Town Centre, the dam supplies water to the entire region, as well as one-third of Australia’s water and irrigation needs. The dam is 100 percent safe for walking with young children, and is also a popular biking trail among locals and tourists. But strolling along the Hume dam is not the only thing you can do in the area. There is absolutely no reason for you to miss Lake Hume, for one thing it is only five minutes away from Hume Dam and there are plenty of areas you can park your motorhome, so you can go out and enjoy the fresh air and spend the day by the shore. The lake is deeper than Sydney Harbour and is a favourite among water sports enthusiasts and recreational boaters. Whether you are simply passing through or spending a week’s vacation, Albury will not run out of beautiful places for you to see or fun activities your entire family will enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start your Albury road trip by booking an Apollo Motorhome by visiting our Sydney branch for pick up and return details

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