Alcatraz: Prison System

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Alcatraz Alcatraz was a super prison that stopped most of the commotion in the streets and prisons. Once the Prohibition Act passed, criminals flooded the streets. One by one the criminals opened illegal hidden bars around the city and they paid others to use their shops. Also, to not say anything to the police for lots of money. In this essay, you will learn how Alcatraz came to be and how they made the prison ultra safe. They had to create Alcatraz for it to be the prison system for the prison system. Alcatraz is a prison system for the prison system, since it was taken over by all the criminals. The prisoners kept contacting their gang from inside the prison. Also, you will learn why it had to close.
Alcatraz had a lot of security and was pretty much inescapable. They needed ultra security to keep the super criminals from escaping. In the article “ Alcatraz” , it
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Everyone else was afraid one of the criminals surviving and causing more commotion in the towns. People were very nervous because of all the reports of the escape attempts. Some have not of gone to school or work that or the next day either. Other gangsters may have heard the news and got their hopes up, for their leader’s return. Eventually, Alcatraz had to close because of all the escape attempts and the cost was way too expensive. Clearly, all this escape news could make the towns kaodick again.
To conclude this essay, Alcatraz was a super prison. This prison was a way more harsh than others, so only the worst prisoners had to go there. There also was many escape attempts happening there, that is one of the reasons Alcatraz had to close. The other reason was because they couldn’t keep up with the payment. Finally, there was a little more commotion going around the city because of all the news on the escape attempts.In conclusion, Alcatraz was a piece of history for the reason that, it took control of all the super criminals and shaped them

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