Alcatraz: Prohibition Caused A Crime Wave

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Alcatraz Essay

What is Alcatraz? Alcatraz was a supermax prison made because prohibition caused a crime wave. Prohibition made alcohol even more popular than it already was. After prohibition, people started making stores like a coffee shop, but at night they would sell alcohol. The gangsters who were selling alcohol and killing people went to Alcatraz because they were breaking the law. Alcatraz is different than other prisons because the guards take it very seriously and give severe punishments to the prisoners. All prisoners have to work while in jail. It was also different because it did not just have ordinary prisoners, it had the scary and …show more content…

When would they arrive? Was Al Capone, the most famous gangster of all, coming to Alcatraz?” The reason they were asking these questions was so people could be safe. When they asked about Al Capone, they wanted him there so they could feel safe again and know they were protected from all these gangsters. This went down hill for Alcatraz because people were nervous. When they asked questions, there was no answer for any of them. This made people not trust Alcatraz and its safety. Over the years, people finally trusted Alcatraz because it kept them safe from the prisoners. The reason Alcatraz closed was because some of the prisoners tr,ied to escape. They were unable to escape alive even though they were close, Also, Alcatraz eventually became really easy to chip the walls. Today, if you went on a tour, you can scrape off the wall with a spoon. Another reason it shut down was because it was too expensive. Before it closed, they had to send back the prisoners who were still in Alcatraz to a different prison. On March 21,1963, Alcatraz shut down. In conclusion, Alcatraz was closed because it cost too much money. Many prisoners lives were changed and they were released. Today it is a historical place that visitors tour to experience what it would be like to be in a supermax

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