Comparing The Hero's Journey In The Count Of Monte Cristo And The Odyssey

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In our own journeys, we have come across difficult moments where we just felt like stopping simply because of reasons like afraid of failing and the anxieties of not being well prepared. At times like that, it is where we get help from people around us to prepare ourselves for what is about to come. In the 3 stories we had read and watched in this past month, The Alchemist, The Count of Monte Cristo and The Odyssey, they all contained a similarity; a cycle of a hero’s journey. The hero’s journey is a cycle where the initiate travels into the unknown, going through a similar yet different cycle that every hero goes through, accomplishing their journey. Throughout their journeys, the 3 heroes had stumbled and fallen along the way, however, due…show more content…
During that time, it was the period of misery and hell for him. He went through torture when in the mids, an old man whom we have later known as Abbé Faria or the priest who was also wrongfully placed in prison, teaches and trains him. “‘I offer something priceless.’ ‘My freedom?’ ‘No, freedom can be taken away, as you well know. I offer knowledge, everything I have learned. I will teach you, oh, economics, mathematics...Philosophy, science.’ ‘To read and write?’ ‘Of course.’” He was taught how to read, write and fight which eventually went a long way as towards to the end of the story, Edmond gets into a fight with his enemy, Fernand. Without the priest, Edmond may never have survived being in prison. The priest was a mentor to Edmond. Another person that could be placed into the category of helpers is Edmond's father. Although he never really directly helped Edmond in his time in prison, he begged Villefort to release his son. After escaping the prison, Edmond is drifted onto shore when he meets a group of pirates. The leader among them, Luigi Vampa had the choice to kill him but decided to let him join his group helped Edmond in his healing process. Another helper to Edmond was Jacopo. “I swear on my dead relatives, even on the ones that are not feeling too good I am your man forever.” Jacopo proved his loyalty to Edmond after Edmond…show more content…
In comparison with the start of their journey and the end, each hero had become wiser and smarter. While reading the stories, I could not have helped but noticed that the mentors of each hero were portrayed as a wiser or more powerful figure, The King from The Alchemist, the priest, from The Count of Monte Cristo, and Athena from The Odyssey. Among the 3 heroes, the most heroic one would be Santiago from The Alchemist simply because when Santiago encounters troubles or difficulties, the words of The King plays in his head, as if he was physically present with Santiago. The mentors and helpers an important role in their journeys for without their assistance and aid, they might have never accomplished their
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