Alcoho Alcohol Research Paper

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Alcohol is known to be both a tonic and a poison, with the differences relying between doses . The history behind alcohol and its association with appropriate consumption levels and effects go back since 1700 B.C . According to the National Health and Medical Research Council in Australia, the recommendation of drinking for men and women is 10g of alcohol, no more than 2 standard drinks on any day and no more than 4 standard drinks in a single occasion . The 10g of alcohol is equal to 100ml of wine, 285ml of strength beer, 60ml of port or sherry and 30ml of spirits .
Australian and British researchers have found new research suggesting moderate drinking consumptions is the answer to provide a longer life . As early as the turn of century, evidence has been found that moderate consumptions of alcohol were additionally associated with decreasing risk of heart disease as well as many other chronic diseases that have continued to grow over time .
Nutrition background:
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The ‘essential’ term used means that if a specific nutrient was removed from the diet, there are always deficiencies that will cause health problems . The lack of alcohol consumption brings no diseases or problems to a person 's lifestyle. This is because alcohol affects the way nutrients are stored in the body. The absorption of alcohol (Ethanol) is decreased by food, including fatty acids and provides 29kJ of energy. Ethanol is a simple molecule within alcohol, which are active ingredients causing the body to be affected in different ways . Figure 1 shows the possible long term effects of large consumption and moderate consumptions of alcohol from the ingredient
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