Alcohol Addiction In The Film 'Glassland'

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The title of the film Glassland can refer to more than one or more important aspects of the film. First of all, the title can be refering to the fact that Jack’s mother is an alcoholic, and diverse types of alcoholic beverages are served or come in glass containers and cups. Secondly, the title of the film can also refer to the fact that Jack’s mother is very sick and can easily break(in behaviors), and can also break (in health).

The repeated voice-over phrase about Jack working a long shift and dealing with a lot of difficult customers, can be a way the director wanted the audience to perceive how John felt about having to deal with an alcoholic mother every day, the part “long shift” can refer to the fact that he has to be watching over his mother 24/7, and the part “a lot of difficult customers” can be refering to the fact the mother does not listen to him when he tells her to stop drinking.
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In the movie, Jack handles the situation in a way many people might not, he is patient with his mother and does his best to help her go through her addition, whereas some people may give up at a certain point; Jack would be a great example of a loving son, because he looks after his mom and everything he can to keep her
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