Alcohol Advert Analysis

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Life Orientation: Alcohol Assignment Done by: Natasha Yosopov Grade: 11R Task 1: Advert Answers: 1. Alcohol is indirectly portrayed in each advert through action (common associations with alcohol) and words (writing that appears on screen). There are certain acts and ways of behaving that people associate with drinking and being drunk that are clearly portrayed in each advert. In both adverts this is shown by having the actors rip their clothes as when a person gets drunk the usually end up with ripped clothes. In Binge drinking girl alcohol is portrayed due to her vomiting and getting it all over her hair. People associate this with alcohol and being drunk also her makeup is a mess as ones would be after a night of partying. In Binge drinking boy we see very violent behaviour (when he kicks the radio) a very common behaviour that alcohol causes, we also see how he gives himself injuries (a bruise from the cupboard and ripping his earing out) which one usually gets when drunk. At the end of each advert a slogan that says “You wouldn’t start a night like this, so why end it that way” and an emblem that says…show more content…
The difference between the adverts is mainly in the music used in each commercial. In Binge Drinking Boy the music is very lively, upbeat and has a happy vibe to it whereas the music used in Binge Drinking Girl is much more serious and down. I feel that this is because it is socially more acceptable for a boy to get drunk and act like that as it is seen as a ‘mans’ thing, cool and upbeat yet if a girl gets drunk it is considered wrong and un-lady-like. If a woman had to get drunk like that everyone would accept it if her boyfriend left her because of it but if a women had to leave her man because he got drunk the world word would complain and judge her for it. The world is also much more accepting and forgiving when it comes to a man getting drunk but not a women hence the Binge Drinking Boy video has a much more lively, ‘jokey’ and hip vibe to
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