Assignment On Alcohol Analysis

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1. Alcohol is indirectly portrayed in both adverts as destructive as one assumes from both their appearance and behavior that they have been drinking. The consumption of alcohol can cause a person to act in a manner that they would not normally and would ruin their night. It is saying that if you would not leave the house why would you come back looking like that. It is disrespectful to yourself, your family and your home.
2. These adverts would have a hard-hitting impact on the belief and values of the viewer because it shows the disrespect that you would be showing towards yourself. It also depends what values and beliefs you follow. If your values and beliefs were not straight then you would not mind how you look if you drink and the way in which the boy and girl looked would not affect you. However, if your values and beliefs are that of respect for yourself and others and how you
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Liver disease is any disorder that occurs in your liver. The problem with liver disease is that it can cause scarring of the liver known as Cirrhosis, normally associated with alcohol, it can cause one to have a metabolic disorder and can cause tumors to grow either benign or malignant.
2. The link between alcohol and liver disease is that alcohol abuse is a huge cause of liver disease. Alcohol is sent into the liver and then it is broken down into water and carbon dioxide this is then passed out of the body through urine. If you drink more units of alcohol then your liver can process then your alcohol blood level rises and it damages your liver.
3. In South Africa, excessive alcohol consumption is the most common cause of Cirrhosis. It is said to be the 5th leading cause of death and an estimated 25000 people die every year because of it. South Africa has one of the highest alcohol consumption rates across the world. The Cape has one of the biggest problems with alcohol consumption and liver
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