Alcohol Consumption: An Experimental Observational Study

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In “The Effects Of Music Genre On Young People's Alcohol Consumption: An Experimental Observational Study,” Rutger C.M.E Engels, Evelien A. P. Poelen, Renske Spijkerman, and Tom Ter Bogt, professors and post-doc, conduct their own experiment. They provide a brief background information on other studies which have lead them to do their own. They acknowledge that music is used in stores to persuade buyers to buy more with that in mind. With that in mind, a debate on what genera of music will cause young people to more alcohol (Engels, Poelen, Spijkerman and Ter Bogt). their claim/thesis is that they classical music will have less drinking. “we assume that young people, in particular, who are exposed to heavy metal and rap music are more likely…show more content…
The participants were told that they experiment was about social interactions and alcohol and sign a couple of forms. Participants are informed that they will be tapped for this experiment. With their corporation they are also to receive some money and a taxi ride home after the experiment is done ( R. C. M. E. ENGELS ET AL). Before they start participants answer some questions about their opinion about people they are shown. They also answer questions about their history with alcohol and music. They are then to enter the room for a “break” where they are told to stay there until otherwise. “This lab looks like an ordinary small pub and contained a bar and stools, several tables, a billiard table, table soccer, several chairs, a couch, and TV”( R. C. M. E. ENGELS ET AL).They are not pressured or offered a drink, rather told they can drink if they want and it free. As this is happening an experimenter stays in the “bar” and the other goes into a control room where he can fully record how many drinks people have, while music plays I”( R. C. M. E. ENGELS ET AL).In one group a participants consumed 8 drinks and the “break” ended. Then the second task is placed here. They ask participents the same questions as before with additional ones about
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