Alcohol Should Be Banned Persuasive Speech

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Alcohol is basically a heaven sent product to us. The taste is like pleasure for our mouths. Alcohol advertising is all over the place, so sooner or later you’ll become curious and want a “red” cup of your very own. Just the simple aroma of it can get alcoholics drooling all over the place. By then you’re already a member of the Alcoholics Anonymous groups and enter the world of other alcoholics to mingle with. Upon becoming an alcoholic, I mean your life is just bound to fall into place right? Your everyday will be jam packed with all this free time. Free time to just drink at all hours of the day 365 days a year and do what you please because by now I’d assume you’re unemployed. If you’re still working (shockingly) just keep going in half…show more content…
Driving gets so much more appealing once you start seeing everything in duplicates. If the cops catch you swerving from lane to lane, they’ll haul you right off to jail and lock you up into a cell for the rest of the night or day (we’re drinking at all hours here, remember). If you think about it, it’s like staying in a motel; all nasty and full of weird people. I say if you got the chance “put the metal to the petal” and escape! Because if they catch your ass then you’ll end up double screwed getting your booze AND the money you buy alcohol with confiscated. My awesome tip would be after each night out drive, I mean you know they say practice makes perfect. Being an alcoholic is sure one method to get your way with the ladies. Us women totally dig all that wobbling around and stinky alcohol breath. After they get a whiff you can bet your ass they will be standing in line just to make out you. Those half shut, red eyes will really convince them that you are really digging them and think, “Wow this man is definitely take home to mom and dad potential.” I mean we can’t forget the women you take home coming back to see you 9 months later hitting you with child
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