Case Study: Alcoholics Alana Club Recovery

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Alcoholic Alana Club Connie Yonn West Coast University Abstract Melanie Curtin, editor of Rehab official webpage in 2017 said Alcoholics Alana Club is a private rehabilitation located in Anaheim, California. The rehabilitation focuses on the treatment of alcohol, substance, drug abuse. Providing individuals and families assistance with drug, alcohol, and mental health treatment that is reliable, unbiased, and trustworthy service. The organization aspires to make the process clear, painless, and straightforward. Ultimately, eliminating stigma, pervasive and accessible care, and dignity of recovery that is possible for anyone who aspires to accomplishes. The Organization core values are translucency, community, and neutral gratitude. The…show more content…
They are based on 12 fundamental steps that a recovering alcoholic or drug addict goes through for support and advance their recovery. One of the steps involves reliance on a higher power, which gives the programs a spiritual element. Individual work through the step until recovery (Brande & Wagener, 2017). In the U.S., there are more than 50,000 active AA and NA support groups that are either open or closed. Open meetings allow any recovering addict, family members, and non-addict to attend. Closed meetings allow only recovery addicts. The groups encourage members to come to meetings on a regular basis and to seek out an official (Curtin,…show more content…
AA meetings is beneficial to the addicts community in a many ways; For instance, when people talk about what is going on in their life it allows them to release some of their pent up stress and tension; It is not always possible or desirable to talk to friends and family about worries and concerns; It is an ideal venue for people to unburden themselves; Other members can offer a different perspective on problems; Meeting may suggest something that the individual might have never considered on their own; When people share they feel more a part of the meeting because they are contributing something. The program needs minor adjustment to better the community, such as eliminating spiritual values because not everyone has the same spiritual values or beliefs, which can prevent progression of recovery; and eliminating the admitting process like “Hi, I’m Joe. I am an alcoholic” because some individual that attend the AA meeting is required by state law for driving under the influence and does not indicate that the person is an alcoholic. Other than eliminating these steps, AA meetings have seen to be very beneficial for the addict’s community providing treatments, supports, and

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