Alcoholic Family Case Study

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A reality, a lesson that can be used when we have this syndrome.the concrete resolution that will guide us at the same time giving a knowledge to those who are affected on this. The point of view is emphasizing the safetiness of a child that is very important and needed for his/her development.
Chapter 1: The major types of alcoholic families.Type1- Active Alcoholism (children, parents, grandparents, great grandparents). Type2- The actively drinking member of the nuclear family has stopped drinking. Type3- Active drinking has been removed from the family for one generation to more generations. Type4- The non-alcoholic family becomes alcoholic. Chapter2– THE RULE OF RIGIDTY- having the alcoholic syndrome is unpredictable behaviour because it is the root of your family. THE RULE OF SILENCEbe- open to
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THE RULE OF ISOLATION there not allowing interact some outsiders’ .Chapter3- FAMILY ROLESconcerning the specific role of the alcoholic family in order to help some problems.Chapter4ALCOHOLIC FAMILY vs. HEALTHY FAMILYcomparing and constructing the difference between the two. Chapter5ABANDONMENT living in the alcoholic family will be suffering anger, fear and hurt and “men have an easier time displaying anger and women have an easier time displaying hurt” on the other hand women is emotional. Chapter6CHARACTERISTICS OF ACoASespecially in emotional, mental, physical, and behavioural characteristics. Chapter7CHRONIC SHOCKthe reason that a child is suffering a trauma is when he/she satisfy the argument of the parents, and it will lasts for a very long period of time. Chapter8RECOVERY: PROCESSthis is emphasizing the treatment that’s makes you satisfy and when you feel that you are in a good with that particular treatment. Chapter9INTRODUCTION AND SETUP it is really good to know that this kind of organization has a partner and that is FIS (Family Integration Syndrome) FIS trying to assist the ACoAS emotions
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