Alcoholic Father And Son Analysis

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The picture I am writing about is "Alcoholic Father and Son". The boy is trying his best to help his father to his feet, but the father is to drunk to stand so he stays on the ground outside with his legs out without trying to stand. This picture was taken to symbolize the struggles a kid may have to go through with his father if they are a drunk, and I believe that is important message because many kids go through lives like this. Many children are born into a life where their parent or parents are unstable alcoholics who are incapable of helping themselves and the child after a point in their lives feel the need to help the parents.
The photograph should have a huge impact on a lot of people because a decent portion of people have seen something like this in
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The kid in the picture is really young, nearly for sure under ten years of age, maybe even on his way to school or something with his dad, when his dad falls over drunk. Thinking about that the picture can really make people feel the need to help the cause in society. To try and help the kids who go through this, and maybe even help the parents get over their addiction or dependence on their alcoholic drinks. A picture that can get people wanting to help, or feel bad to the point where they tell or show others the picture and spread the importance of the image is very important, because the image spreads the call to action the picture is sending out from person to person making many people wanting to help the cause, maybe even people before they saw the picture never thought of the struggles in their
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