Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

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Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a group of individuals from all walks of life, who come together with the hope of abstaining from alcohol abuse. The main goal of this support group is to abstain from alcohol, and to achieve control of their lives without drinking. According to Stuart, “Alcoholic anonymous (AA) The most common type of self-help group for substance abusers is the 12-step group.” (Stuart, p. 467, 2013) One of the important functions of these groups is to let the individual know that they are not alone in this predicament and that “mutual support can give them the strength to abstain” (Stuart, p. 467, 2013). Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has a model is based on the 12 steps tradition. There are several different self-help groups around…show more content…
While she was doing that, a basket was passed around for contribution. When the young lady finished, she handed the scroll back to the facilitator. The moderator then started on the topic of discussion for the day which was “Boredom”. She called individuals by name and they introduced themselves by saying “My name is ______, and I am an alcoholic” and the members responded by saying “Hi _______, “Some individuals shared their opinion and some did not. It is so interesting when they talked about their experiences from other self-help groups before joining the one at this location. There is one particular member that lamented about, not being comfortable where he was attending groups before joining this one. He lamented about the same set of people who were called upon every time to talk. The same people who were called upon talked about the same topic over and over again. The members were happy to be in this self-help group from their discussion and attitude towards each other. It feels like family. I was called upon, and I introduced myself, and said why I was at the meeting. It was such a wonderful experience. At the end of the meeting, the facilitator asked to know who has been sober for 30 days, 60 days and 90 days. A young guy got up and said he had been sober for 90 days. Everybody applauded him and a token was given to him by the facilitator. At the end of the meeting we all gathered together into a circle, hands together and we recited the Lord ’s

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