Alcoholics Anonymous Group Analysis

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The group that this writer attended this week was an Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A) open group that consisted of thirty-two individuals. The date of the meeting was on Tuesday, December 1, 2015. The group started out with one facilitator opening the meeting up. He read the serenity prayer and covered the 12 steps related to the premise of A.A. This took no more than the first five minutes of the meeting. One of the members then took the floor and spoke as the featured speaker talking mostly about how his life has been turned around since joining A.A. and that life couldn’t be better. He spoke probably close to fifteen minutes. The remainder of the meeting involved the other thirty people in attendance volunteering to share their thoughts with everyone else. No one…show more content…
The total length of the meeting was one hour. The group itself was definitely in the working stage and has been meeting at this location for a while now. Most of those in attendance seemed to be going there quite often since most of them knew each other by name. Although this meeting could be considered having one facilitator, he did not spend more than ten minutes leading the group since the majority of the time other meeting members were sharing. Overall, this group was very similar to the Corey group video that was viewed in class. No one was sitting in a circle in this particular meeting. The chairs were facing a table where the facilitator was speaking from. If there was one thing that could be done differently, putting chairs in a circle would probably be one recommendation. The only time individuals at the meeting were in a circle facing each other was the last five minutes when everyone held hands. No new insight learned except that this writer maybe would recommend the circle technique to this group for the entire
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