Alcoholism In Society

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The Power of Addiction: Society’s Lack of Alcoholism Recognition Society has taken a blind eye to the extent of how alcohol affects the lives of many people, in fact, nearly eighty-eight thousand Americans die of alcohol related deaths every year (Social Effects of Alcoholism). Have it be noted that even though alcohol in controlled amounts can be safe and pleasurable, excessive intake of it can cause addiction, or more specifically, alcoholism. Particularly, alcoholism can be traced to the roots of many issues in society, such as drunk-driving, physical and sexual abuse, medical problems, et cetera. There is no shadow of a doubt that alcoholism is a highly complex and controversial issue that is often overlooked, which often increases the…show more content…
Alcohol has many negative health effects and can trigger erratic behavior that can tarnish interpersonal relationships. For instance, confirmed conditions include “alcoholic psychosis, alcohol dependence syndrome, alcohol abuse, alcoholic polyneuropathy, alcoholic cardiomyopathy, alcoholic gastritis, alcoholic liver cirrhosis, and ethanol toxicity and methanol toxicity” (Health Effects 1). Alcohol usage comes with many progressive health consequences, some of which can be fatal, however there are more than just medical repercussions. According to “Health effects”, “For most alcohol problems, drinking is not the single cause, but [...] one of the factors that increases risk of harm occurring, either to the drinker or to those around him or her” (2). Basically, alcohol heightens the probability of out of character or violent behavior and thinking and the chance that something bad could happen. Evidence indicates that “Wives and girlfriends of alcoholics are often subjected to many types of alcohol-related abuse” and “that 12-70% of adults who abuse children are alcoholics” (Social Effects of Alcohol). Moreover, alcohol can lead to many bad tendencies and situations that are hazardous for everyone involved. Hence, prolonged alcohol usage has many detriments to an alcoholic’s physical and mental condition, as well as those around…show more content…
It is an indiscriminate brain disease that can affect all races and groups, and can be brought on by certain factors depending on where they are in life and current mental state. Alcohol dependency also has many health impairments as well as leading a person to adopt a dangerous behavior that can increase the risk of drunk driving, abuse, death, et cetera. However, there are many treatment options suited to help a person break what is keeping them tied to their addiction. All in all, the issue of annual deaths and injuries related to alcohol can be reduced by an increased effort to improve support and treatment and lower conditions that may cause someone to jump on the addiction
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