Alcoholism In The Glass Castle

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Abuse, chaos and bitter love are some things that are clearly seen in the film The Glass Castle (2017), through the Walls family. In the book Jeannette Walls, sheds light on how her father was an alcoholic and how he “brought” the family down with him. Jeannette is the closest one to her father and truly connects to him, and goes along with everything he does. Rex’s alcoholism is a symbol for endurance and hardship and can be seen sporadically throughout the movie and book. In Destin Cretons film version we see the hardships and pains of a troubled growing family. Rex is brought to life in this movie, as we truly see with description and we can see/hear with our own eyes and ears what he is like, which is not possible without the help of the movie. He continues his habits, even in the most depressing times and truly shows the disease he had. As said before we truly get to see the real Rex Walls, in his entirety. This is possible by the visual representations, as they truly connect to our five senses. One particular scene that displayed his drunken nature both in the book and in the movie, was when Rex quit his drinking. This scene took place as Rex, asked Jeannette if she wanted anything ""Do you think you could maybe stop drinking?" Dad said nothing. He was staring down at the cement patio, and when he turned to me, his eyes had a wounded look, like a dog who 's been kicked. "You must be awfully ashamed of your old man," he said.” This led to Rex giving up alcohol for
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