Alcoholism In The Glass Family

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Throughout human history, there has been many different problems that people have faced and conquered. Alcoholism is an issue that still continues to give trouble to its victims today. The availability of alcohol is a key factor in the consistent increase of alcoholism cases. The only limitation to buying alcohol it is being the age of twenty-one. Even then, teens and young adults still manage to get their hands on alcohol frequently. Drinking alcohol at the legal age is perfectly fine but, the difference between an alcoholic and a person that drinks alcohol is a person that drinks alcohol occasionally can stop at one or two drinks, on the other hand an alcoholic is not capable of stopping at small amounts, they need many drinks before they feel satisfied. Alcoholics also drink daily and will not feel at ease if they are not drinking. Rex Walls was a prime example of someone who let alcohol control their lives. Throughout The Glass Castle, Rex Walls showed obvious…show more content…
Rex 's habit of drinking was more than just a problem, he showed the main signs of being an alcoholic. The patterns that he showed include drinking regularly, heavily, and long periods of sobriety brought on by extended binge drinking for weeks to months (Bower 75). Rex would be considered a situational drinker, which is a person that only drinks when they are under stress. They usually drink alone without social interaction (Frey 46). In The Glass Castle Rex always resorted to alcohol when life did not deal him a good hand of cards. For an example, when the family was in Welch things started to get more stressful and money started to get more tight, as this progressed, so did the alcohol that Rex consumed. Rex became so desperate for money to buy a drink, that he stole his children 's savings, and when confronted about it he lied. The alcohol was an escape method for him, so he did not have to deal with the real
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