Alcoholism In The Shining By Stephen King

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The Shining combined with Alcohol
In Stephen King’s, The Shining, Jack Torrance is a recovering alcoholic, and he thinks about drinking all the time. Alcoholism is a huge impact on the relevance of dysfunctional families, domestic abuse, and cases family violence as shown in the novel. For example, Jack breaks his son's arm while he is drunk and enraged. Jack's father was an also an alcoholic, this probably led to this outcome. Alcohol has a huge impact on the plot, it was practically the base of the story to be exact.

“And then, eyes, widening in horror, he saw the word REDRUM reflecting dimly from the glass dome, now reflected twice, and saw that it spelled MURDER.” (King). This quote is an example of Jack’s psyche. “REDRUM” is a great
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