Pay Day Short Story

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Alcohol is a person 's best friend but worst enemy. Drinking can lead to abuse of alcohol and many people worldwide end up being alcoholics. Alcoholism has been a problem for centuries, yet no one has found a decent treatment. These alcohol problems affect not only the person, but also the outside world. It is especially the child that becomes the victim. It has been proven that children who grow up with parents who have alcohol problems often find it difficult to survive socially. These children may have had a lack of love, care and attention because the parents have not been able to give it to them. This exact topic is something that the author Dawn Nicholson chose to cover in this short story in 2013.
The short story is about two brothers and their struggle with a mother who is an alcoholic. The short story deals with the boys ' fight for survival, but also how it is to grow up in a family where
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The mother’s payday is when she gets her money, but the main characters payday is when his brother is happy and at peace. It is clear that it is one of the main characters greatest wishes: To make his brother happy.

Many themes are addressed in the short story, but the most prominent one is alcoholism, because the short story illustrates what can happen if you grow up with parents who have a problem with alcohol. It clearly illustrates all the thoughts the children think, and it also illustrates how it is for children who have swapped roles with their parents, and therefore have to be an adult. The short story also demonstrations that even though you have had parents with an alcohol abuse, then it does not mean that you will end up in jail or that you will end up having the same problem as your parents. It depends on the person. You can determine your own destiny, but not your
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