Alder Or Sulloway's Theory Of Birth Order

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I don 't agree with Alder or Sulloway 's theory on birth order. I do not believe our birth order affects our personality traits. Our birth order does not determine the personality traits we encompass. Alder believed the older siblings are typically found to be the problem child (Burger,99). The oldest child starts off with all the attention from the parents but once a new child is born they no longer receive that type of attention. According to Alder, this would make the older child full of resentment and will have a sense of inferiorly. Alder 's theory does not apply to me. I am the oldest of three. Growing up it was always expected of me to set an example for my younger siblings. I always strived to make my parents proud. Out of the three, I was always the good one. I always obeyed my parents ' rules and I was never rebellious. My sister is the youngest and she always got what she wanted. My parents were very lenient on my other siblings. Growing up my sister was extremely defiant and manipulative. My brother was the middle child and it always seemed like he was seeking for my parents ' attention. Adler believed the middle child is the most adjusted and they often manage the negative dynamics of the oldest and youngest siblings (Burger,55). My brother was far from being the peacekeeper. My brother always tends to play the victims role and would rebel to get any kind of attention. I believe the world around us and those who influence us, help shape our personality traits.
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