Alderfer's ERG Model Case Study

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The present study has been conducted within the framework of Alderfer’s ERG model. A theoretical framework is more abstract than a formal or substantive theory (Newman, 2007). It is the starting point of the reference of a research as it suggests and generates the research. A theory is a set of systematically interrelated concepts, definitions and propositions that are advanced to explain and predict phenomena (Adams et al). There is a reciprocal relationship between theory and research, as they both help in development of new knowledge.
The study on job satisfaction has become very interesting phenomena for organizational behavior. Because high level of absenteeism and workers turnover can affects the entire organization. Special education
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They include the obvious need of food, water, shelter and physical safety. These need combine physiological and security factors. Pay, physical working conditions, job security, and job fringe benefits can all address these needs. If all of these factors are satisfied, employees are satisfied with their job. Pay is the motivator for teachers, they want to be paid fairly. Special education teachers need good working environment to teach disabled students. Because the environment in which employee work has a tremendous effect on their job performance. Job fringe is also the important factor for job…show more content…
These can be satisfied on the job by social relationships with co-workers and off the job by friends and family. These needs are similar to Maslow’s belongingness and esteem needs. These are next level needs, and these are similar to Maslow’s belongingness and esteems needs. These involve being understood and accepted by other colleagues and workers. The part of the satisfaction of being employed is the social contact it, allowing employees a reasonable amount of time for socialization will enhance the element of satisfaction among employees. This will help them a sense of teamwork.
Growth needs: Growth needs consists of needs for personal growth and development and focus on the self. These needs can be satisfied if the employees have opportunities for using their capabilities to the fullest. These are analogous to Maslow’s needs for self-esteem and self-actualization. These involve the desire for both self-esteem and self-actualization. Growth needs consists of needs for personal growth and development and focus on the

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