Alderfer's Hierarchy Of Needs Analysis

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The depth and complexity of the human drive is something that has been studied by scholars for a long time. What makes us do what we do? What makes people get up every morning? What makes people work through pain, through trials? Motivation, as defined by Webster, is “a force of influence that causes someone to do something”. Inside of motivation, however, there are three Levels of Need as developed by Gordon Allport. These three needs consist of growth, relatedness, and existence that are seen prominently in the characters of Penny Dreadful from the very first episode "Night Work". Vanessa Ives’ need of growth, Sir Malcom’s need of relatedness, and Dr. Frankenstein’s need of existence ties the three of them to attributes we can often see in ourselves. The first level of need as seen on Alderfer’s Hierarchy of Motivational Needs is Growth, which “impels a person to make creative or productive effects on herself and her environment” (Huitt) also ties into self-actualization and transcendence. From the scene where Miss Ives seeks out Ethan after the show, we see just how competent and observant she is of the world around her and the people in it with the assessment she makes of Ethan, “Your eye is steady,…show more content…
Miss Ives' desire to grow as a person using the knowledge and skills garnered is something many people can relate to. The personal ties and strong connection, such as those that Sir Malcom has with his family, can be seen with families all around the world which are cause for motivation to do and be better for those significant others we care about. On the basis of existence, many people are out there looking for their own truths just as Dr. Frankenstein is, and much like the doctor, they will stop at nothing to get to it. Motivation can be a very powerful thing, and is often the driving factor behind everything we
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