Aldi Marketing Analysis

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This policy has a unique stance within the business operations. The company approach the price change in the most favourable way for the customers. This means that the priority is given to offer the products at lowest possible prices. When the production and manufacturing costs increase, this reflects in increasing the price of the products however this step is considered as a very last resort of actions (Hanson et al. 2008). The consumer could easily perceive that offered products does not have the high quality standards as the other supermarkets. The opposite is true because the company oversees the quality through the value proposition and a long term approach (Graiser & 12 Scott 2004). The value proposition has been built on the…show more content…
The company has started to use online interface to attract more customers and in spite of not offering the online purchases the focus is on strategic promotion of their products when customer search through the offer and create their shopping list. This form of advertising together with other advertising campaigns performed through the local awareness (stores catalogues) and word of mouth attract the required segment of customers on the market (Butler & Bowers 2013). Furthermore the company has realised the importance of the service quality and customer's consciousness of time when shopping and therefore increased the number of employees serving the customers at the checkout points (Graiser & Scott…show more content…
The global financial crisis help Aldi to gain the customers which are willing to buy the products at discounted prices in order to save money. Therefore Aldi implemented other strategies to gain and maintain the loyalty of all customers. According to situation analysis with closer attention to SWOT analysis and implementation of strategies it is obvious that Aldi's strategies are well synchronised with the environment the company exist in. The organisation minimises its weaknesses by strategical approach in building the larger stores, renovating older stores to change the customers' perception of the stores as second class warehouse. Moreover, more stores are a great fit for increasing population (Okumus
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