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5.3 Organisational weaknesses: Following are the internal organizational weaknesses of Aldi Australia. a) Product: Product is also a form of internal weaknesses for Aldi; As Aldi is famous for being cheap for all the time. In the process to keep this image and its popularity upbringing, sometime the product quality does not remains best. Sometime quality can be inferior, this turn as weakness of Aldi. b) Technology: As technology has proven to be benefits to the whole businesses running in the world, retail sector has made opportunity to develop itself with the technologies, but as every coin has its dark and bright side, it also have its dark side which weakness to Aldi. As now whole system of Aldi is running through technology and if any…show more content…
It can also spend on improving more quality of product which can be weaknesses of Aldi. d) Human: As human is ability of any organization it can be turn as reason of organizational weakness. If employees stop working efficiently and loss interest in working then no task will be able to complete properly and can result into loss to the business. And result into great weaknesses to…show more content…
So, it encourage to employee major part of population of Australia, and hence they have multi-cultural organizational environment which is a strength for Aldi but can also turn as weaknesses as a part of communication among the staff. Some time it can be happen then any employees misunderstand the things and some major problems can arise from this form of situation, and hence, can be weakness for Aldi. f) Infrastructure: As it is prove that Aldi is a big organization in Australia so it has to maintain superior in infrastructure but in the path of this, it can left with less space for customers to shop within the store with can result into congested shopping place for the customers can turn into weakness for the organization as because of this it can loss its business. g) Research & Development R&D: As Aldi is a big retailer supermarket it needs to involve more of R&D to keep itself update with the latest fashion and changing taste of its customer or of the target markets. But it involve lots of finance and time. Which turn as weakness for the organization. h) Intellectual: Intellectual property of any firm includes its brand image, its form of advertisement and its own fame. It can be biggest weakness for any firm because it can be destroyed with a single mistake of frim. 7.2 Managerial implications and

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