Aldo Ocean Eder Analysis

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Aldo Ocean Eder had been lived in Glace Bay, port area at the southern part of The New Morram City for as long as he could remember in his 17th year old life. He’s the only son of Alberto Eder, a tough fisherman whose life bound with the tide of the sea life. Numerous times caught by a thunderous storm when he was sailing on the sea, dangling between life and death, his father kept his vivid dream that one day his son, Aldo Ocean, would follow his way of a struggling life against the sea. Aldo’s childhood was a series of stories of plunging out into the sea, repeatedly drowning before being pulled out of the sea using fishnet by other fishermen, wandering around the stinky fish market, and cornered at dark and empty alley by a bunch of burly fishermen kids. No boys wanted to befriend him and he also soon found out that his father’s worried about the way his body developed. His posture’s lean and slender. His skin was chalky pale as if it’s malnourished and bloodless, no matter how much he had exposed his skin under the sun. His skin was damp, wet like a moist baby skin and his cheek blushed with pink when he smiled, like a doll. No wonder if he hardly found his place between his neighbor boys who were born with coarse featured, broad shoulder, and sunburned skin. When he’s in the junior high, some boys and…show more content…
Trey’s also the one who introduced him with the businessman from the National Restaurant Association, where he finally met with the seafood restaurant chain owner which he’s the fish supplier right now. They’ve become a best friend since. And later he knew about the youngest Fierce, Adie Fierce, who he felt was not like any other girl he’s ever dated. Adie had a tiny and flat body for a girl of her age, as if her body hasn’t flourished. She 's also a quiet girl who rarely gave cause for concern and attention, even Aldo had to wait several minutes before realizing that she’s in the same room with
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