Alecia Moore Analysis

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Music has evolved from the Middle Ages to the 21 century and will continue to evolve. During the Residence period brought many changes in a way that music was created and perceived. At a particular time music reflected the opposite of what 's happening in society. Music has had great influence on society and it can sometimes make people do bad. Today the type of music people hear and feed their minds are not only degrading of women, but redefines self worth and human beings. One of many singers and songwriters, Alecia Beth Moore stands out on her own in the cluster of pop singers. Alecia Moore, better known as Pink not only uses music to express her strong emotions but conveys a tenacious message through the lyrics. Alecia Beth Moore, or…show more content…
She describes her mission as wanting to open minds and break stereotypes in music, sex, and everything and that 's just what she does through the lyrics and the powerful message she sends. Pink captures the heart of the neglected, anger, lonely, outcast, those experiencing family dissolution, confused teens and youth of today 's culture. Pink sings from her heart and doesn’t sugar coat anything like other girlie pop stars such as Britney Spears and so many others. The worldview that is portrayed through her music is a postmodern worldview.Pink’s song and the way she sings prompts the individual as having the final authority based on how one might feel at a specific time. While most pop stars are communicating and send the same message, the message behind Pink’s message has substance and can resonate with youth and teens of today’s generation. In the her “stupid girl” Pink tackles the issue of women as sexual objects in today 's mainstream videos through satire. In the first verse, “what happened to the dream of a girl president? She’s dancing in the video next to 50 cents.” This show two contrast between a women of power and the image of a women as a sex object in a music video. She also address how feminism is slipping away as those girls sell their bodies and losing their dignity and respect. Pink speaks to girls not to conform to society and don’t have dehumanize their bodies just to be accepted by society. Another song that feeds the listeners with positivity is “Perfect.” In this song she send the message that we are perfect just the way we are. In the song she address how we have negative self-talk (especially girls) because we perfect already. These are couple of many songs that have deep, powerful messages that no other pop star sings about. There are positive and negative to Pink’s song as a
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