Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu Film Analysis

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An auteur is the filmmaker, whose personal influence and artistic control over a movie is so good that the filmmaker is regarded as the author of the movie. A Mexican film director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu is known as an auteur for his way of filmmaking. This analysis is about his films to verify if he is an auteur or not. To establish this statement three of his movies will be used as an example. They are Birdman (2014), Babel (2006) and Amores perros (2000). Reviews of these movie summaries are given below:  Amores Perros: "Amores Perros" is a Mexican drama movie. It was released in 2000. This movie has three different stories, related with a common event of a car crash. Somehow, each of the stories involves dogs. In the first story "Octavia and Susana", Susana is Octavia 's sister in law but still he is in love with her. He plans to run away with her. Therefore, he starts to earn money by sending his dog Cofi into the dogfights. However, at the end Susana runs away with her husband Ramiro with all the money Octavia earned. Then Cofi gets shot by Octavia 's rival. Octavia stabs his rival with a knife, runs away from there and have a car crash. The second story is about Daniel and Valeria. Daniel is a successful magazine publisher, Valeria is a super model, and they are in love with each other. On the other hand, Daniel has a wife and twin daughters. Still he leave his family, buy a new apartment and starts to live with Valeria. Valeria have an accident with Octavia

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