Alek Eror's Arguments Of Streetwear

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What is “streetwear”? Ask 20 different people on the street what streetwear actually means, and there will be 20 different answers. The name streetwear is a vast label of clothing style and can be difficult to explain even by those who claim they wear it. In a nutshell streetwear is street fashion. Alek Eror from discusses why the term streetwear taints high fashion itself. Reaching those with fondness for clothing, fashion, and style with new concepts and ideas on streetwear and high fashion. Erors argument is effective because of his great use of ethos, and logos in his argument. Eror uses many credible sources to support his opinion on the negatives of streetwear in fashion. Financial Times, menswear reporter Charlie Porter states, “ the words.. Streetwear are demeaning to the city's young designers.. What they're creating is pure fashion”(Porter). Claiming that clothing is streetwear is insulting to high fashion designers,…show more content…
Alek Eror explains the thought process of his opinion with examples and comparisons of brands of streetwear and those of high fashion. For example Eror uses an example of a popular streetwear brand that has no depth or artistry in its clothing line. Alek states “ collections that pay tribute to.. Hello Kitty.. Do little artistic credibility.. In which it operates” (Eror). The use of something as juvenile as Hello Kitty incorporated into clothing can easily offend high fashion designer when being labeled similarly. The author compares the basis of success in high fashion and streetwear. Alek first starts with a sum of high fashion, “ high fashion relies on craft, artistry.. And theoretical experimentation” (Eror). He then explains streetwear ” Many streetwear brands have.. Been overly dependent on hype and gimmickry” (Eror), showing how the two styles have little correlation and giving a sufficient explanation of his

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