Alethea Spiridon Generation Debt Analysis

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“Generation Debt” by Alethea Spiridon is an argumentative essay that outlines the harsh reality of student loans. The author examines the consequences of student loans as well the reasons higher education should not come as an expense to the individual pursuing it. In the current job market a post-secondary degree is a prerequisite for almost any profession and the sad reality is that this costly degree is not a guarantee of future wealth. The author effectively explains why treating education like a luxury good can impoverish everyone, and outlines ways student debt can burden graduates’ lives. However, she fails to examine the reasons student loans can be advantageous, and this is problematic because there are several missing benefits including manageable reimbursement options, lower interest rates, as well as student friendly terms and conditions when compared to a standard loan.

To begin, the author impressively outlines a logical reason as to why society should be liable for funding higher education. In her essay she
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Student loans pose as a suitable way out of this issue as it provides a pathway for those of lower- or middle-class to pursue further education; however, this puts the individual in serious financial debt. The author effectively suggests that since the individuals who choose to pursue higher education will ultimately use that knowledge to help their society then society should realize the value of education and fund any associated costs. Everyone should have fair financial access to post-secondary education so that it is not deemed a “luxury good”. All individuals ultimately have the same cognitive competencies therefore one individual should not be restricted to certain “lower class” profession solely due to financial
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