Alex Flinn: A True Hero

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What is a hero? That is a question that a lot of people have been asking each other. I think a hero is a person that does something honorable or even picks up something a person dropped on the ground or holds the door open for another person. There are many different kinds of heros in the world. To some people a hero is from a comic book. To others a hero is a person or family member that is in the military, medical field, or some who saves another life in a way. The topic for this term paper is to find a hero in an American written book. I chose to pick the book called Mirrored by Alex Flinn. It is about a young girl who finds out that she has a secret power of healing. The readers find out that she is truly a hero. The amazing things…show more content…
“I believe a hero is someone who does more than they have to do with no expectation of a reward, many times in dangerous circumstances”(Rosalie Waskow). “To me a hero is someone who will risk his or her own life or safety for someone else”(Rachelle McCoy). “Somebody that does something I don't have to do” (Craig McCoy). “ A hero is somebody who gives you toilet paper in the bathroom when you run out” (Christina McCoy). “A hero is somebody who gives me money so I can have my boob reduction” (Katie Bosket). “A hero to me is someone who helps another person in a life changing way and was not asked to do so” (Judith Chin). “To me a hero is a person who born, lives, dies, without complaining in this society “ I think a hero to me is someone who goes beyond normal expectations to save a person or country” (Janis Reneau). “I never really thought that a person goes out and says that they want to be a hero. I never really liked the term because a heroic act is just something you just do on impulse” (Arthur Jones). “A hero means somebody that is willing to sacrifice themselves to help others in any way” (Skyler Miklich). “A hero is someone I can look up to that abides by the bible and loves God no matter what” (Leigh Ann Collins). “A hero is someone who goes to extraordinary lengths to do something he or she is not required to do for the good of others” (Nathan Collins). “A hero is a person…show more content…
Beastly is not only a magical novel but also an amazing movie. Alex Pettifer plays main male lead role in the movie. Vanessa Hudgens plays the main female role. The movie is about an egotistical teenager who knows that he is handsome, but rude to people that don't have the same physical appearance as him. SO a witch cast a spell on him and turned him into a beast. So the boy’s father gets the teen a house to himself with a housemaid and a tutor. As time passes on the boy sees a girl that he recognizes but doesn't know, in trouble, and like any magical tale he saves her from the bad men and her poor father, and takes her to his home for safekeeping. After time passes and the seasons go they start to become very fond of each other and finally fall in love, which makes the teen go back to his beautiful
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