Why Is George Unhappy

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In the story “George” by Alex Gino George is unhappy because she is lonely, she needs to be herself in secret and, cannot show her true identity and all of this is just because she is transgender.
First of all, I think George is lonely and scared, For example in the story in the story it said this quote, “George jumped when she heard a clatter outside. She looked out the window to the front door directly below. no one was in sight, but Scott 's bike lay in the driveway, the back wheel still spinning” When her brother comes home she gets really nervous, she needs to hide everything really quickly and before she knew it her brother was banging on the bathroom door needing to go really badly, when she did find a hiding place for her things and got out she still stayed
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For example, it shows it in this quote, “If George was there, she would fit right in, giggling and linking her arm in theirs” to be happy she needs to imagine being with friends and she can 't actually do that and she can 't be in a bikini giggling with girls because she is a boy and she is too scared to show her true identity, Melissa. It also shows that she can 't show her true identity in this quote from the story, “George loved to put on chapstick”
George would love to put on lipstick but since she wants to hide her identity she just asks her mom for chap stick because it feels like lipstick but it helps with dry lips and she uses the whole stick and feels like a girl when she uses it.In addition, the last reason she needs to be herself in secret is from this quote,“ Melissa was the name that she called herself in the mirror when no one was watching”
She needs to call herself the name that she wants in secret and can 't show her true identity and since she does not share this with her family they do not know her true Identity so people assume that the identity she has now is her true identity but it is
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