Alex Kang's Military Force: A Narrative Fiction

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Alex Kang was thirty-five and his wife was dead. Not long after He became a military captain. He was discharged from duty In his late 40s. Were He tHen became a banker.He was good at his job.Till he gave it all up. for a job that he loved. He went to an academy for two weeks.

When he came out he went to the police work.
Till one day it was sunny, somewhat hot very windy almost strong enough to blow you away.The birds sang good morning.BANG he woke up and laid back down as the noise disappeared and listened to the birds.BANG BANG BANG! “I 'm coming i 'm coming” said Alex. When he opened the door, he saw two men.They were

wearing black suits with sunglasses and drove a car that had tinted windows.”How may I help you fine gentlemen?”
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baby is crying here dog barking here kid crying her parents arguing teens fighting with their parents.he then went to the guy 's house who put him in it, but a woman lives there she said

that she knew the man who used to live there, but she told me that he was her father and had died a long time ago and that she had some of his old notebooks of his Alex asked her if he could see them.he read them over.

He started to run down the street he went into a building where they make robots.and then started shooting, he killed all the people who worked there that is when

the robots turned bad and started hurting people.the people then formed an army of

citizens. and started to fight the robots. people and robots were hitting the ground that is when he had to fight, he got his gun and started shooting when he got to the last robot it was still good so it helped him.

He got on a motorcycle and started to drive. He then started running over robots. as he did so he remembered all the people he knew .He remembered them getting killed by robots.after the last robot was killed, they went to where the robots were coming from and found out it was a technology that had taken them over he then knew what he was to do so he
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