Spike Jonze's The Effect Of Technology On Relationships

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We live in an era where technology and social media continue to be the main form of communication. With the inventions of phones, tablets, and laptops, a human can go their entire life without saying one word. Not only does technology make it difficult for people to form authentic relationships, but it changes the way a person thinks and feels. Technology has this hold over human beings; it can control an individual’s daily life without them even knowing. Although technology paves the way for a more advanced society, it hinders an individual’s ability to maintain and form new relationships. Spike Jonze’s Her deals with the issue of technological advancement and its control over society. The main character of this film, Theodore Twombly, buys an operating system that functions like a real human being. Theodore and his OS, who names “herself” Samantha, form a relationship and claim that they love each…show more content…
He states that communicating through e-mail and social media allows us to feel social, but it is only isolating us even more. In comparison to Theodore, Lickerman claims that humans are “mistaking [their] electronic relationships for physical ones” (Lickerman 1). We have become so invested on using technology that human interaction, something so essential and common, makes us feel uncomfortable and isolated. Communicating via e-mail and texts has made it “easier to injure friendships online than in person because of the ease of creating misunderstandings electronically” (Lickerman 2). A person may send a text with one intention and the receiver may misinterpret it, effectively creating problems that could have been avoided if it were an in-person conversation. Even though technology can make our lives easier, it continues to have the ability to ruin
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