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Alex is one of the kindest people I know. Her full name is Alexandria Grace Mihaly. I really like her first name, I just think it is beautiful. Alex is 13, but will be turning 14 on November 3. She favors many things, like her favorite color is blue. Her favorite food is chicken pot pie. Her favorite dessert is something from Dutch Bros. her favorite holiday is Halloween, we have that in common. Her favorite movie is Monsters Inc. Lastly, her favorite animal is an elephant. Alex is 5 feet and 1 inch tall. She has for ethnicities and they are Mexican, Yugoslavian, Hungarian, and Portuguese. Her eyes are brown and so is her hair. The sport she plays is volleyball. Some of her hobbies are beat boxing and breakdancing. Alex has 2 brothers. Some…show more content…
She has always been pleasant to me and never rude. I really appreciate this. Not everyone in our grade is so amazing to other people, so if I were to choose a characteristic I would say she is considerate of other people and thinks of other people before herself. Honestly, I wish I could be more like this. Like I said earlier Alex plays volleyball. She is actually really fantastic at volleyball, but I know she used to play soccer. I know this because I used to play with her. She was quite great at soccer because she and Jamie were the ones who would always score the goals. She actually assisted a goal that made us win the championship. I guess she does not play anymore because she is not trying out for the school soccer team and when I asked her what her sports were she just told me volleyball. She is great at volleyball too because last year, when we were in seventh grade, she made the eighth grade team with only one other person. I made the seventh grade team so she is definitely better than me. To conclude I think alex is an amazing, talented, original, and considerate person who cares about other people more than herself. After righting this paper I learned a lot about Alexandria and how she is a very respectful person. I hope I can be as respectful as her
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