Alex Vause From Orange Character Analysis

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Alex Vause from Orange is the new black is based on the character in Piper Kerman 's memoir of the same name (published in 2010) who in turn is based on the real life person Cleary Wolters. She grew up very poor as a child; as an adult she was very materialistic since she had the cash to spare. Alex did not have a father in her life growing up; once she was older she sought her father out and discovered he was a washed up, drug addled, celebrity. At the same time she met a man who would turn her towards a criminal life as an international drug smuggler. Later on this would be the cause for her incarceration at Litchfield Federal Prison. She also is a lesbian and has several relationships the most serious with Piper Chapmen. Piper was Alex…show more content…
She regularly puts her personal gain first and doesn’t think about the consequences to others. At one-point Alex has to go on trial in Chicago, she ends up seeing Piper there. She then completely screwed Piper over. When she got in the same room as Piper, she began to say that she can 't name the drug-lord Kubra in the trial. She insisted that this was for the best or else Kubra would send his men to kill them. After the trial ends, Piper had done what had been asked of her, but that ended up backfiring for her. It turns out that they offered Alex a plea deal where if she named Kubra she would be released. So by Alex telling the court that Kubra was the drug-lord and Piper having not, the judge assumed Piper was just a liar and deserved to go back to prison while Alex is released. In the end though Kubra was not indicted meaning he was free to go kill the person who said his name to the judge, Alex. She ends up back in prison before he can get to her though for violating her probation by having a gun and planning so skip town. All of these things make Alex a very self-centered person. She threw the person she loves the most under the bus for her own personal gain, shows no regard to the law or how her actions effect others, she isn 't even faithful in her relationships considering she cheated on her ex with
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