Alexa Chung: Through The Eyes Of A Young Woman

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It is a quirky book, and includes lot’s of personal opinions on styles and fashion in general. Alexa Chung is a model and a British Vogue editor, and she’s growing in popularity. It shares Alexa’s inspirations and how she incorporates them into her daily life. The general theme of this book is light, and is written in Alexa’s tone, and she’s written this book as if she is speaking to you personally, rather than explaining and droning on about her life. The style of this novel is incredibly different from most of the book’s I’ve read. Instead of telling a story with a plot that focuses on romance in a fantasy world, this book is showcasing Alexa’s muses with photographs, doodles, and quick summaries of different fashion statements. “She reminded me that you can dress tough without compromising your femininity” Alexa claims about the stylish Jane Birkin. Throughout the book she expresses many thoughts on actresses and models, as well as sharing a few outfit she’s taken from different women to twist and add into her own daily look. This book is nonfiction, and a autobiography/memoir.…show more content…
An example of one of her opinions are people with good hair, and she includes Mia Farrow, Snow White, Julie Christie, etc. in that list. Alexa’s tone while she’s writing is very casual, and reflects her own personality with every word she

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