Alexa Mccurry Character Analysis

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How long can you keep a secret? In the novel The Marino Mission, we meet Alexa McCurry who’s having trouble telling her secret. Alexa’s mission is clandestine it can be identified in these ways. Alexa’s mission is a classified and some what a dangerous mission. Her mission involves her new boyfriend Jose, Military bases, and top secrets.

To start off the discussion, Alexa and her friend Jose started to get closer. For three months of their friendship, they decided after a while they could be closer. The two now carry on with their connection. In this situation,this could be positive or negative for Alexa. If her father finds out about her and Jose, it is a possibility that they won’t see eachother again. Moving on to the next part of the discussion.

At this point , they were tempting to do a experiment. “Today was the day they were going to begin their DNA experiment to find out if Pecas’ baby was captive in Puerto Marino.”( chapman Pg 135)

To follow up, the two are testing and examining the DNA of Pecas. Later that morning they went on a hunt to find Pecas’ missing love one.(“We proved that it was Pecas’ baby---we analyzed their data!” pg171). In my perspective, the follow up on coming to an answer.

Hypothetically, Alexa's mission has to be classified. She has to
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He cover could've been busted or spoiled in many ways. First and foremost, if I was her , Alexa, I wouldn't email her friend anything about the mission because she was at a public library where the librarian can go back and look at history and details their conversation(s). Another way her mission could have been disturbed was sneaking around the marine base. If she wasn't as sneaky as she was then she could have been in trouble with the law and her mother. Her mother could've lost her job or Alexa might've been in Juvenile detention for interfering with a top secret experiment on a marine
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