Alexander Davidson Research Paper

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Three of Alexander 's grandsons entered the First World War: David and Olive 's fifth son Frank signing up on February 13th 1916 at the age of 21, Alexander Jr. And Ann 's second son, William signing up on April 16, 1916 at the age of 31 and Gordon Cecil second son of James and Lillian on November 1, 1917, aged 22. All three men were described as having blue eyes and brown hair and height of 5 feet 6 to 8 inches tall and deemed fit to fight in the 2nd Central Ontario Regiment. Two great grandsons, Jack, son of Frank the veteran and Ronald son of Charles, fought in the Second World War. Pte. Jack Lawson of the Lorne Scots in March 1943 was allowed home on furlough to see his parents before being shipped overseas and to the war. In the last…show more content…
Together they had Margaret (b 1878), David Henry (July 1880) and Robert (b 1883). Sadly, Margaret died in 1884 in childbirth. The baby Robert was too young for Robert to care for and he spent his childhood with his aunt Cecila Tait in McKellar. Andrew Boag (March 19, 1852-December 5, 1931) Katherine Ann Simms (December 2, 1871-fl1921) Andrew 's farm was on Lot 1 Con. 12 Conger right beside brother David 's and for a while Sandy 's. Andrew finally got married on January 21, 1909 to Kate Simms who had recently arrived from England in 1907 and together had at least 5 children: Maggie, Herbert, Celia, Perry and Mary. Three children of Andrew and Kate achieved being listed on the Honour Roll of the Central School for 1928, quite a rare honour for parents. Andrew had some litigation with the prominent Parry Sound Dr. Stone in the Division Court in June 1920 with an unknown resolution or complaint. Andrew died from heart failure and dropsy (or water retention). Elizabeth (1856-fl1871) Nothing more is known about…show more content…
Alas as with Ann, Maggie then had trouble with a third pregnancy having a still born girl on July 4, 1915 that also resulted in Maggie 's death from blood poisoning on the 26th of the same month. Sandy leaped into the cutting edge of farm equipment being the first farmer in the Parry Sound area to take home a Deering Ideal binder in August 1903. This sort of hay binder made by the Deering Harvester Company, the precursor to the International Harvester Company, was a great boost in efficiency in preparing the reaping of hay. Alexander married a third time to Elizabeth McDougall herself marrying for the third time. Her second husband, Murdoch McDougall having passed away in July of 1923. On Christmas Eve of 1935 Alexander or Sandy Lawson died after a short illness, in Parry Sound, leaving Elizabeth, two sons Wesley living in Gogama, Mark in Orrville and four daughters, Florence and Annie, both having married and living out in Winnipeg, plus Eliza and Cecelia both in Rosseau Road. Two of Alexander 's lots in Conger that he had purchased (Lots 2 & 3 Con. 12 Conger) were put up in the Sheriff 's land sale in the summer of 1937, a total of 203 acres, as the taxes, totalling $39.50
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