Alexander Delarge In A Clockwork Orange

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Alexander DeLarge is portrayed as the main antihero in the novel A Clockwork Orange. Although Alex has a good family and he is intelligent he still chooses to act like a delinquent knowing that it is wrong (Burgess 38). Alex’s delinquent activities lead him to betrayal, imprisonment and suffrage. His egotistical personality is what lead him to be despise by everyone around him. Alexander DeLarge can never truly be changed, as his character is flawed by his inability to feel any compassion for anyone. As I read more about Alex, I can not feel sympathy for someone that has no sympathy for his actions. Alex has no remorse for what he has done and he do as he please; “What I do I do because I like to do” (Burgess). Another example of Alex inability to feel compassion is when he raped F. Alexander’s zheena, while making him watch the whole scene; “Grab hold of this veck here so he can viddy all and not get away” (Burgess 22). This scene portrays how foul Alex is, as he goes back to the milkbar we can see that he showed no remorse; “We were all feeling shagged and fagged and fashed, it having been an evening of some small energy expenditure” (Burgess 26). During the course of these events, Alex…show more content…
Alex truly feel that he is above all things including the law; “I’ve been out of the rookers of the Millicents for a long time now” (Burgess 39). By saying this, Alex is demonstrating how untouchable he is. Not only do Alex believe that he is above the law, he believes that he is the sworn leader of his gang; “Have been in charge long now. We are all droogs, but somebody has to be in charge” (Burgess 30). No-one in his gang believed that one was higher than the other until Alex announced it. Alex’s actions promoted own gang to betraying him and ultimately imprisonment (Burgess 64). That scene confirmed of how sinister Alex had to be for his own gang to betray him in such
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