Alexander Fleming Research Paper

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There are many people in history who were essential for the world to become what is it today. They have made discoveries and inventions that have made the lives of people easier and better. Paracelsus and Alexander Fleming had an impact on the world by, advancing it in the medical field through their discoveries and achievements. These men have made differences in the same area and in different ones. Alexander fleming was born on August 6, 1881. He had an interest in the medical field, entering it in 1901. From 1900 to 1914, he was a member of the Territorial Army and served in the London Scottish Regiment. Afterwards, he studied at the St.Mary’s Hospital medical school at the university of London. Fleming’s original plan was, to become…show more content…
Some of the achievements are Similar to Paracelsus, a philosopher, physician, botanist, astrologer, and occultist. (Paracelsus) Alexander Fleming made advancements throughout the study of bacteria. In 1928, Fleming left his lab to see his family. When he got back a month later, he noticed that the Staphylococcus aureus he had left out grew mold and the colonies of staphylococci surrounding the mold were destroyed. He called this bacteria destroying mold penicillin. This was the world 's first antibiotic and it was created by accident. However Fleming was unable to purify and stabilize it, someone eventually would. He was awarded Nobel prize in 1945 for his discovery. (Alexander Fleming Biography) Unlike Alexander Fleming, Paracelsus made advancements with chemistry and toxicology. He was the one who gave zinc it’s name. (Paracelsus) Paracelsus came up with the name from the old German word zinkie, which meant pointed. This is because it looked as though it had pointed crystals.(Paracelsus Biography) Both of these men discovered life saving treatments. Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin which could cure what used to be incurable infections. This saved many people from death.(Penicillin: An Accidental Discovery Changed the Course of Medicine.) Paracelsus got people stop relying on ancient text so much and started looking at nature and studying it. This paved the way for new discoveries to be
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