Alexander Hamilton: A Founding Father

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Being a founding father, a person who helped form the Constitution, was troublesome for many reasons. They had to fight every day for what they wanted the United States to be like. Alexander Hamilton stands out as a founding father because of his persistence. He fought for what he believed in, wrote to the point of insanity, and helped shape the United States we know today. Alexander Hamilton fought for what he believed in. During August of 1772, a hurricane hit the Caribbean Islands, and Hamilton wrote a letter to his father, but instead, it was published in the local paper. The letter was so well written and inspirational, that the locals raised enough money for him to be sent to college in America. (NCC Staff, 10 essential facts about Alexander…show more content…
In 1774 Hamilton published a series of essays. No one knew who wrote them but people assumed that the pamphlets were written by strong and well-known federalists like General Livingston and John Jay. When people discovered that Hamilton was the author of the essays, he was looked upon as a brilliant prodigy, and nicknamed “Verdict of the Congress.” Hamilton published a paper entitled “Remarks on Quebec Bill,” which targeted the British ministry, and he became even more famous as a patron and a writer. In July of 1781, he began publishing the first of many essays. The essays talked about building a strong government and the problems with the existing confederacy. He also began to state his views about creating a strong government and that made him one of the most distinguished federalists when he was only 24 years old. (James T. White ' Company, Hamilton, Alexander, The H.W. Wilson Company) Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison wrote a series of essays entitled “The Federalist Papers,” that popularize ratification and fought for the new U.S. Constitution.(Sarah Ann McGill, Alexander Hamilton, Great Neck Publishing) The original plan was to compose a total of 25 essays, but in a span of 6 months, they wrote 85 essays. John Jay wrote but five before he fell ill, James Madison wrote 29, and Hamilton wrote the remaining 51 essays. The papers worked and convinced…show more content…
In 1780, Hamilton began to exhibit his financial abilities. The war had reached a time where finances were short, so Hamilton anonymously brought forward his plan for the State Bank. (James T. White ' Company, Hamilton, Alexander, The H.W. Wilson Company) On May 14, 1787, Hamilton was selected and sent to the Constitutional Convention as New York’s delegate. He became frustrated by several of the proposals, but he signed the finished document and wanted others to do so too. (Sarah Ann McGill, Alexander Hamilton, Great Neck Publishing) Hamilton urged the federal government to take over state taxes and the debt left by the war. (Flash Focus: Alexander Hamilton, Lakeside Publishing Group, LLC) In 1789, when Washington was inaugurated, Hamilton became the first Secretary of State. Hamilton, although challenged by people like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Aaron Burr, and others, managed to balance the economy. In 1791, the Bank of the United States opened, and individual states were no longer allowed to print their own money.Hamilton created the U.S. Coast Guard, but it didn 't have that name then and was referred to as “the cutters.” “The cutters” were the only vessels that were armed protecting trade between 1790 and 1798. (William H. Thiesen, Coast Guard History 2016: How the Coast Guard became a military service, Coast Guard Compass, official blog of the U.S. Coast Guard) Hamilton impacted America,
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