Alexander Hamilton As A Founding Father

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Being a founding father, a person who helped form the Constitution, was troublesome for many reasons. They had to fight every day for what they wanted the United States to be like. Alexander Hamilton stands out as a founding father because of his persistence. He fought for what he believed in, wrote to the point of insanity, and helped shape the United States we know today.

Alexander Hamilton fought for what he believed in. During August of 1772, a hurricane hit the Caribbean Islands, and Hamilton wrote a letter to his father, but instead, it was published in the local paper. The letter was so well written and inspirational, that the locals raised enough money for him to be sent to college in America. (NCC Staff, 10 essential facts about Alexander Hamilton, National Constitution Center) When he was just 20, he became Washington’s aide-de-camp, with the rank of lieutenant-colonel, and private secretary. Washington sent Hamilton to Albany to obtain the larger portion of that encampment to bring them to Philadelphia, which pleased Washington greatly. (James T. White ' Company, Hamilton, Alexander, The H.W. Wilson Company) According to Sarah Ann McGill of Great Neck Publishing, “Once the war was over, he and his family settled in New York where he poured most of his energy into becoming a lawyer. His intellect and ability to comprehend intricate legal concepts allowed him to skip the usual three-year apprenticeship that was required before taking the bar exam. By 1782, at the
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