Alexander Hamilton: Characteristics Of A Good Leader

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Being a good leader does not necessarily mean shining in the spotlight. Some of the most revolutionary and successful leaders are the ones who worked the lights. Self-awareness, self-direction, vision, ability to motivate, and social awareness are the characteristics of a good leader according to SIY Leadership Institute (SIYLI). There have been many accomplished and renowned leaders in America since (and before) the 1770’s, ones whose names are universally known and others who are unfamiliar. Of the latter is Alexander Hamilton, who showed potential since the minute he was put on earth, for no matter what obstacles were thrown in his way he forged ahead and never threw away his shot. Despite being faced with horrible and traumatic situations, Alexander Hamilton did not lose sight of his ambitions and dreams. Much like how great leaders possess self-direction and self-awareness, Hamilton knew what he wanted and was not afraid to go after it. By the age of eleven or twelve Hamilton was already an orphan, his father having abandoned the family and his mother dying of sickness ( At the time of his birth, most still considered illegitimacy a stain on one's character. Yet Hamilton's’ wit, sharps, and the help of two men were enough to help him rise beyond his name. Of these…show more content…
Alexander Hamilton did just that. Though it can be hard to define what makes a great leader, by looking through history we can formulate an idea. We consider Alexander Hamilton an inspiring leader as he was one of the important pioneers in forming the American government. Also, after the Revolutionary War, he co-wrote the famous 'Federalist' Papers with John Jay and James Madison, which served as a primary source for Constitutional interpretation. Hamilton was a man of great intelligence and zeal, qualities which helped him become the legendary leader he
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