Alexander Hamilton: American Revolution

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Alexander Hamilton was an important part of the American Revolution. He was born
January 11, 1755 to a “whore” mother. At the age of ten his father left him and his mother as
Hamilton lye bed ridden waiting to die. He lived, but his mother died from the illness. As a young man his work ethic, intellect, and drive were extremely high. High enough for him to be put in charge of a trade port. Soon after then a hurricane struck the island and he was left hopeless. He work hard until he finally got enough money to sail to New York to gain an education and to restart his life.
When alexander arrived in New York he attended Princeton, but was later kicked out for getting into an altercation with the head of finances. He later found Aaron Burr in pursuit of his
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In the song “Cabinet battle #1” Alexander
Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson are fighting for a position in the cabinet and it truly shows their hate for each other. In the song Jefferson says “Pray to god we don’t see Hamilton’s candidacy”.
In Hamilton’s response he bashes the Virginians on their usage of slavery. “We all know who does the planting”. Hamilton really digs into the southern way of living as being inhuman.
In the kings song “you’ll be back” talking about how much he “loves” America he clearly states that he will kill anyone who gets in the way of him and America. While threating to kill everyone who gets in the way he also states that he only does all these horrible things to express his love towards America and its people. “I’ll love you till my dying days when you’re gone I’ll go mad so don’t throw away this thing that we had. Cuz when push comes to shove, I will kill your friends and family to remind you of my love”. That verse is significant in the fact that King George could actually be called obsessed with the thought of ruling America.
The material in the musical Hamilton was surprisingly accurate. It told about
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