Alexander Hamilton Contributions

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JAJUAN TILLEY MRS. GOODSON HAMILTON Alexander Hamilton was an important part of the American Revolution. He was born January 11, 1755 to a “whore” mother. At the age of ten his father left him and his mother as Hamilton lye bed ridden waiting to die. He lived, but his mother died from the illness. As a young man his work ethic, intellect, and drive were extremely high. High enough for him to be put in charge of a trade port. Soon after then a hurricane struck the island and he was left hopeless. He work hard until he finally got enough money to sail to New York to gain an education and to restart his life. When alexander arrived in New York he attended Princeton, but was later kicked out for getting into an altercation with the head of finances. He later found Aaron Burr in pursuit of his assistance to help him get through school faster and join the cause to separate America from Great Britain. Aaron Burr gives Hamilton advice on how to stay alive around the seemingly rough parts of New York. He explains to Hamilton that if he keeps talking about the revolution so much and so loudly that the word would surely get to a red coats ear and he will be shot for treason. As a young and hungry immigrant Hamilton was ready to do absolutely anything to make it to the top. He becomes highly passionate about the revolution and how it will inevitably happen. Realizing how many people are actually wanting to become separate for Britain he becomes more aggressive towards the cause. So

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