Alexander Hamilton: Father Of The Constitutional Convention

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Alexander Hamilton began his life as a young boy living in the British West Indies. At the age of 11, Hamilton began working tirelessly to provide for his family. With time and experience, Hamilton started working with international commerce and slave trade. His boss, Hugh Knox, recognized his ambition and decided to send him to America. Hamilton attended King’s college, other known as Columbia University, and became more involved in politics. When the Revolutionary war came about, Hamilton defended the Patriots against the Loyalists: this was his first political article written. In this moment is when he gained respect from militant leaders like George Washington. Hamilton then became a part of the New York Provincial Artillery Company and fought in the war. Later, Washington appointed Hamilton as the first Secretary of Treasury. As Hamilton understands of law and politics grew, he decided to pursue a goal of his: establishing a more diverse government under the new Constitution. During the process of achieving the goal, he attended the Constitutional Convention. Here, Hamilton spoke out on behalf of his ideas and beliefs. Among many important people at the convention, Hamilton was later named the “Father of the Constitutional Convention”. Standing for New York, Hamilton thought that…show more content…
Many esteemed men took place in the signing of the document, including Hamilton. Being one of the three delegates from his state to sign the finished document, Hamilton was the strongest representative New York had. Soon after the signing, Hamilton and other Federalists, like John Jay, began writing their ideas down. Problem arose when Thomas Jefferson and Hamilton disagreed regarding the economic standpoint. Hamilton’s pro-business outlook did not appeal to Jefferson. The conflicts between the two sparked the foundation for the first political parties. Later, they both learned to respect the different ideas each other
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