Alexander Hamilton: From Rags To Founding Father

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Alexander Hamilton-From Rags to Founding Father 1. Alexander Hamilton is best known as a successful businessman who persevered through life’s challenges and became a hero in the Revolutionary War. He was known to be a huge supporter of the constitution and excellent at writing and expressing his ideas. Hamilton did not have the best start to life however. With his father leaving when Hamilton was young, Hamilton had to grow up quickly. Still, Hamilton persevered through life’s challenges and helped shape the base of America. 2. Hamilton’s early life definitely shaped who he became. Even though Hamilton was loyal to America throughout the war, he was born in a British island in the West Indies called Nevis. This was a setback when Hamilton tried to gain loyalty in America, for people thought he was a traitor to them. Hamilton’s existence itself was even controversial. His mother, Rachel, had been married earlier to Johann Lavien. Even though Lavien divorced her, he legally forbid her from marrying…show more content…
If Hamilton was here today, there are many questions that could be asked. One question is, “Did you love John Laurens?” Hamilton and Laurens had a suspected romance that of course would have been forbidden at the time. Many of their letters were burned by their families and some of the ones that survived had sentences crossed out. A way he could respond could be, “Ah, dear Laurens. For, I loved him in a different way than I loved Eliza, or even Angelica. But was it love? Now, I say yes, even if I couldn’t earlier.” Another question that could be asked is, “How do you feel about your father?” Hamilton’s father left when he was young and didn’t respond to any attempts Hamilton made to contact him. A possible answer is, “I have no resentment towards him. Yes, I feel a longing for a father, but I know him being in my life and not wanting to is worse than not being there at all.” There are many questions that Hamilton could be asked, but these are just two important

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