Alexander Hamilton History Assignment Task 1

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CHOSEN INDIVIDUAL: Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton was an incredibly intelligent and significant individual in America’s, and the world’s, history. Hamilton was one of America’s Founding Fathers and also features on the American ten dollar note.

Alexander Hamilton became a Lieutenant Colonel and George Washington’s aide-de-camp in the Revolutionary War and helped lead America to victory.
George Washington was impressed by Hamilton’s intelligence and courage, so he promoted him to be his assistant during the Revolutionary War which started on the 19th April 1775. Alexander Hamilton was not satisfied, and constantly asked if he could have a troop to command and lead, although Washington would always respond with “no.” Later on, Washington eventually allowed Hamilton to be trusted with orders and commands, such as in the battle of Yorktown where he was given permission to lead an attack, and eventually force the British to surrender. After the British surrendered and the battle had ceased, Britain was no longer in control of America. America had been freed and were ready to start a new nation.
Hamilton’s position in the Revolutionary War is significant today because without Hamilton and his plans to defeat the British army, America might still be under the monarch of Britain and would not be Independent. If the British had won the war, the American population would be significantly less and not as mixed. Before the
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