Alexander Hamilton Influence On American History

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CHOSEN INDIVIDUAL: Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton was an incredibly intelligent and significant individual in America’s, and the world’s, history. Hamilton was one of America’s Founding Fathers and also features on the American ten dollar note.

Alexander Hamilton became a Lieutenant Colonel and George Washington’s aide-de-camp in the Revolutionary War and helped lead America to victory.
George Washington was impressed by Hamilton’s intelligence and courage, so he promoted him to be his assistant during the Revolutionary War which started on the 19th April 1775. Alexander Hamilton was not satisfied, and constantly asked if he could have a troop to command and lead, although Washington
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Despite not having a lot of support, Hamilton worked with James Madison and John Jay in order to defend his new Constitution plan. Hamilton, Madison and Jay were going to write twenty-five essays in order to convince the rest of the United States to ratify the Constitution. This however did not play out as they had expected. Almost double the amount of essays than expected were written, with Jay writing only five essays, Madison ended up writing twenty-nine, but Hamilton wrote fifty-one of the essays. Out of the eighty-five that were written, seventy-seven were published in The Independant Journal, The New York Packet and The Daily Adviser, newspapers from the time. The remaining eight were published within the official Federal Papers document. The people who had the newspapers read the Federalist articles, which were anonymously published, were persuaded to ratify the new Constitution. The Federalist Papers were successful in persuading the people of the U.S, and after the last one was published, the U.S started to ratify the…show more content…
Historians use these papers to find out more about what the Constitution was like back in the 1700s and 1800s. This new Constitution has also influenced many aspects is America’s modern Constitution.

Alexander Hamilton was the first Secretary of the Treasury of the United States and came up with a plan to pay back America’s debt after the War.
In 1789, George Washington appointed Hamilton to be the Secretary of the Treasury. Hamilton wanted a well-developed Treasury and was determined to make it one. Hamilton had many Cabinet battles with Thomas Jefferson (the Secretary of State) and other political members, battling over how much power the Treasury should have in the Government. Hamilton also desired to start the First Bank of the U.S. This bank was going to help America pay back the millions of dollars it owed to France and other allies. In 1791, his Bank was
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