Alexander Hamilton Importance Of Unity

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In this edition of the Federalist papers, Alexander Hamilton stresses over and over again the importance of unity between the states. Without unity, it seems as though our country will cease to exist as we know it. While Hamilton does not come right out and state, we need unity, he does make his point very clear. In using the Constitution as the perfect example of what the United States needed at the time, Hamilton manages to bring everything back to one central theme. We cannot have unity between the states if we do not introduce the Constitution. In the beginning of this paper, Hamilton speaks about the country at its current state, and the risk at which we were at during that time. He believes that we were on the right track to find ourselves in a civil war, but such an outcome could be avoided. He goes on to explain what all could go wrong if we do not create a large, strong…show more content…
If all of the states were allowed to have their own power, the largest/most powerful state would have the ability to take over those other weak states. When we reach the point where some states are allowed to be stronger and over-take other states, we have no unity in our country. The country will quickly become divided, and a divided country is not a good one. Due to the serious nature of how dangerous it would be to have some states stronger than others, Hamilton talks about how we need a federal government that has the provision necessary to support a large army. Why would we need a large army? Because without a large army, there really is no way for the government to help protect the states and try to keep the peace between them. Without a large army, there would be no reason for the states to not battle each other. Without a large army, there would be no purpose to the constitution. Without the constitution, the country would turn into a complete
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